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National R&D Program on “High Sensitive Magnetoresistive Sensor” Launched

Jun 08, 2022

A program on "High Sensitive Magnetoresistive Sensor" was launched to develop ultrahigh sensitive magnetic sensor for advancing weak magnetic field detection, according to the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

As part of the national Key R&D Program - "Basic manufacturing technology and key components" specific project, the program for young scientists is led by a research team from the State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology with AIR. The program involves three top research teams covering the fields of materials, mechanism, devices and application. The program leader is Prof. CHEN Jiamin from AIR.

This program focuses on the fundamental scientific issues and key technical challenges in high sensitivity magnetoresistive sensors, aiming to develop a series of key technologies related to the mechanism, materials, processes and integrated circuit design of high sensitivity magnetoresistive sensing elements.

The goal of the program is to develop a high sensitivity magnetoresistive sensor, complete its experimental verification in the field of digital power grid and underwater target magnetic anomaly detection, promoting the development of high sensitivity magnetoresistive sensor research in China, and breaking the technology blockade and product monopoly in the field of high-performance magnetic sensor.