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Second Conference on Remote Sensing of Vegetation Pests and Diseases Held Online

Sep 03, 2021

The second conference on remote sensing of vegetation pests and diseases was held online on August 28, 2021. The two-day event was attended by government officials, experts, scholars, and industry representatives, bringing more than 60,000 online visits. The opening ceremony was presided over by HUANG Wenjiang, researcher of the Aerospace Information Research Institute(AIR), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), also chair of the conference.

The conference focused on using remote sensing technology to realize smart plant protection, in response to the needs of monitoring, early warning and control of pests and diseases of crops, forests and grasslands. Discussions focused on such topics as current theories, methods, models, systems, and applications related to remote sensing technology in vegetation pests and diseases monitoring, forecasting and control. Research results and development trends of vegetation pests and diseases remote sensing was also introduced in the conference.

This conference provides a platform for the integration of remote sensing technology with plant protection in agriculture, forestry, and grassland.