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In-situ Data Collected to Support Common Applications of Land Observation Satellites

Sep 17, 2019

In Changchun and Songyuan, two northeastern cities of China, AIR scientists has led a series of satellite-air-ground-based experiments from June 17 to August 25, obtaining high-quality integrated in-situ observation dataset over the areas, which can be used to assess the quality of common remote sensing products based on China’s land observation satellites.

The northeastern experiment field, including the two above-mentioned sites, together with other five comprehensive experiment fields across China, are part of the supporting system under China’s civil space infrastructure, where in-situ data are collected to support quality control of remote sensing information products.  

It is the second time that the experiment of this kind has been carried out in the northeastern field this year. The campaign, integrating in-situ and remote sensing observations, has created high quality in-situ dataset in terms of surface reflectance, water reflectance, vegetation coverage, LAI and other parameters, and synchronous data from the satellites including GF-1, GF-2, and GJ-1 when they passed over the areas. The data is expected to provide support for researches on key methods for the production and validation of satellite-derived products.  

The campaign is led by the National Engineering Laboratory for Remote Sensing Satellite Applications under AIR, in collaboration with several domestic remote sensing related agencies.