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Meeting Held to Summarize Mid-term Advances on Global Carbon Cycle Program

Jul 23, 2019

A meeting on  “stereo observation and inversion of the key parameters of global carbon cycle” was held on July 8 to summarize the mid-term advances of the program.

The program is supported by China’s National Key R&D Program on global change, aiming to develop key technologies of observation and inversion related to key parameters of global carbon cycle.

According to the research team, they have produced 24 carbon cycle products featuring the most complete carbon parameters, the highest temporal & spatial resolution, the longest time series, the best continuity and quality. In addition, the research team has developed new methods and scientific data for accurate estimation of global carbon source/sinks.

The research group also organized a series of space-air-ground-based experiments, made advances related to parameter stereo observation and verification data, and finished collection of global carbon cycle key parameter verification datasets.

Among 24 carbon parameter algorithms, seven will be shared by the end of 2019, 11 have been identified and prepared for production and verification, and the remainder is ready for algorithm comparison and optimization. The team has completed the work of collecting global satellite data and product (before 2018).