AIR Researcher Wins 2019 International Partnership Award for CAS Young Scientists

Feb 19, 2020

According to an announcement on the “2019 International Partnership Award for Young Scientists of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS-IPAYS)” issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on January 6, 2020, Prof. MA Lingling from the Key Laboratory of Quantitative Remote Sensing Information Technology under the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR), together with her counterpart Dr. Marc Bouvet from the European Space Agency acquired this honor for their fruitful cooperation. AIR was also highly praised for its continuous support to international cooperative research.

Since 2014, Ma Lingling and Marc Bouvet stared their cooperative researches on the global consistent quality radiometric calibration network and its demonstration applications. Thanks to the joint efforts, the Baotou calibration site (built and operated by AIR) has been promoted to be one of the first batch of four demonstration sites under the RadCalNet framework (global automated radiometric calibration network) led by Marc Bouvet. The RadCalNet data portal is built through joint efforts and mutual cooperation has yielded multi-site consistent quality calibration product, featuring 10nm spectral interval and 30min time span, which is realized in routine running first time in the world.

The site has been successfully used in radiometric calibration of multi-series Chinese remote sensing satellites (e.g. ZY, GF, TH, SV) in recent years. The relevant achievement was chosen into the “Top 10 Events Occurred in Chinese Remote Sensing Community”. Nowadays, there are more than 300 registered international customers benefited from these calibration products.

The achievement obtained through close international cooperation has greatly enhanced AIR’s international influence, and the Baotou site has been enrolled in the national spatial information infrastructure & business operation system, becoming an important supporting power for testing and on-orbit monitoring of Chinese advanced remote sensors. In addition, the international collaboration has effectively cultivated those team fellows in both parties and stimulated their innovative thoughts & cooperation spirits.