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Chinese Scientist Wins GEO Individual Excellence Award

Nov 29, 2021

According to an announcement released by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) on November 26, Prof. LI Guoqing from the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) won 2021 GEO Excellent Individual Award, marking the first Chinese scientist who wins the honor.

Prof. Li has been engaged in GEO data sharing activities, promoting relevant policy formulation, and facilitating the data sharing of China's satellite resources to international communities for public welfare.

He has played the main force of building and operation of ChinaGEO Data Sharing Network. His leadship in the China GEOSS Disaster Data Response Mechanism (CDDR) has greatly contributed to the developing countries through 30 emergency data response activities in the past five years. He is now serving as member of ChinaGEO Scientific Committee, co-chair of AOGEO Data Sharing Task Group and co-leader of sub-group on Evaluation of GEOSS Infrastructure.

GEO is a partnership of more than 100 national governments and more than 100 participating organizations that envisions a future where decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations.

The GEO Individual Excellence Award was launched in 2019 to recognize the individuals who have demonstrated exceptional personal commitment to the GEO Mission and whose work has had tangible impact.

Prof. Li at the award ceremony. (Credit: NRSCC)