Microsystems & Nanoengineering Summit 2019

Jul 13, 2019

MINE2019 is to build an international forum for scientists / students in Microsystem and Nanoengineering from universities and research institutions worldwide to present their latest research results,and to provide a networking platform for the Micro/Nano community to develop a roadmap for research and development in the future. MINE2019 will not only provide a venue for an in-depth scientific exchange, but also an opportunity to find potential collaborations and funding sources internationally.


New Physics, Mechanics and Modelling of Micro-Nano systems

New Materials and Structures of Micro-Nano systems

Sensors & Actuators in Micro-Nano systems

Micro-Nano Fluidics and Biomedical systems

Flexible Micro-Nano Systems

Energy harvesting Technology of Micro-Nano systems

Integrated & Hybrid Micro-Nano systems

Applications of Micro-Nano systems

For more information: MINE2019